Sealing & Dehydrating and Beyond

vacuum sealer 1Vacuum sealers are also known as dry canning and a very great help in keeping your shelf life of bulk dry goods like your dried fruits, spices and herbs or even your flour and sugar.  For your non-powdery dry foods like rice, fruits and peppercorn you can place them in a mason jar and just use some jar sealer. This method of sealing is very helpful, especially when you have a bumper crop of something and you need to store some extra crops for a longer period of time.

For your powdery item like your flour and sugar, you can just leave them inside a paper storage bags and vacuum seal the bag. If you will be planning to seal powdery materials in your mason jar, always make sure that you will form a hole at the center to increase the airflow, then you can place a coffee filter in the content of your jar to help reduce the amount of dust to be sucked into the sealer. You can also use this kind of sealing method in your fresh frozen foods like your broccoli, blueberries, peas, green beans, strawberries and many more.

This can also be used in preparing your pre-meal pack, in this way of packing your meal your food are not clumped in a big frozen block and you can eat as much as you want. You can also reuse the bag if you only open it nice and neatly. You can also seal leftover foods in a meal size for your quick fix meal on a busy night. Here is a comparison of vacuum sealers you can buy.

Unique Uses for a Vacuum Sealer

vacuum sealer 2Vacuum sealer can also be used in resealing oil, wine, vinegar and more. When you have already broken the seal on your liquids, the shelf life of it will drop dramatically, especially your wine. There is also some sealer that is capable to be replaced in your wine stopper.

There is also lots of sealer that is compatible to seal all your liquid bottles like your oil and vinegar. This kind of sealing method will not only help in preventing some spill of your foods or liquids, but will also help to protect some of your things like ammunition and other things from corrosion. When your ammo will be expose in air and moisture it will result to tarnish and will corrode metal over the time. You can use sealer to protect the shine of your silver cutlery and you can also save yourself a lot of time polishing. Always make sure that before sealing your cutlery you will wrap it first with a thick paper or a cloth, so that your fork and sharp knife will not damage the sealed bag.

Vacuum sealer can also be used to reseal some of your favorite cracker and chips. Although clothespins and chip clip help to prevent your food from spilling all over your pantry, but this clip doesn’t work very well to keep the content very fresh, especially under wet conditions. To keep the crunchy feeling of your crackers and chips, simply use the sealing function of your sealer because if you vacuum your cracker or chips t will crush your food.

First Dehydrate and then Vacuum Seal!

food dehydratorHere is a ultimate guide by editors, we suggest you to to read.

Vacuum sealer can also used in some emergency preparedness, especially if your house is not very close to any shopping or retail stores. This can be used in stacking some of your first aid kit and some medicine, especially if you always stock band aids for your little ones.

This can be used in stacking some of your first aid kit and some medicine, especially if you always stock band aids for your little ones.

We all know that band aids have adhesive on the back portion, but when not properly place the adhesive on the back will get damaged and the band aid con not be used anymore.

If your band aids will be put on your sealer this prevents the band aid to get damage and also the adhesive on the back of it. When the time comes that you need to use e item inside your sealed bad, just snip it open and it’s ready to go.

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