The Renovation Started in Our Greenhouse

green houseOver the years, our facility has been receiving more members and guests who come during various annual events. Several of the visitors are CEOs and managers running established businesses and organizations, and some use our offices to perform virtual official duties. Those that come to participate in agricultural research projects in our facility also use the offices when compiling and writing reports. In short, our offices are ever busy throughout the year and we are glad for that. We send our gratitude to all members for their sincere support.

A self-sufficient facility should not only be financially stable but also environmentally and user-friendly. User-friendly in this context refers to the ability to accommodate as many members as possible, as well as ensuring their safety, wellness, and comfort. As part of our long-term goals, we have been analyzing customer reviews and suggestions so that we can make informed decisions regarding any upgrade needs. One of our major decisions was to start renovating a few areas in the facility, courtesy of our members’ opinions. Greenhouse refurbishment was the first project because Agri-Biotech researchers wanted appropriate greenhouse structures to carry out experiments and tests.

A few of the major things we did during the greenhouse renovations project include the following;

Overhauling greenhouse base

Originally, the greenhouses had metal bases, but they have been replaced with block ones to increase rigidity. This was done after we realized that the metal base was getting loose gradually, which also weakened the entire structures over time. We noticed some of the greenhouses were flexing and the joints were already swinging, indicating that some of the glazing panes were already broken. Ensuring the base is sound and solid has enhanced effective growing of plants without unwelcoming disturbances of draughts, as well as the entry of pests.

Refurbishing greenhouse frames

We have greenhouses with aluminum frames and others with wooden frames. Since these frames are constructed by joining diagonal and vertical bars, the diagonal members usually loosen with time. All aluminum frames’ diagonals are now fitted with special bolts such that the heads fit into a channel and the bolt cannot turn. The other bar is secured with a nut onto the bolt and then tightened. On the other hand, the greenhouses with wooden frames have been painted to prevent rotting during rain seasons. The frame joints have also been nailed to reinforce the whole structure in order to resist summer draughts.


The greenhouses that had poor ventilation have been fitted with new louvers and windows so that the plants can get sufficient fresh air, as well as allow moisture to escape after every space heating. For the previously ventilated greenhouses, we have replaced weak hinges with stronger ones in all windows and louvers. Those windows with unmoving hinges have been oiled appropriately so that they don’t seize up during winter when they are less used. We have also installed automatic ventilator openers, which are checked for functionality and form throughout. In case one stops working completely, it is replaced immediately because we have them in our store.

Greenhouse doors

green houseSome of the greenhouses that had poorly secured doors have been fixed properly. The door hinges are now well oiled and can move freely without catching the ground when opening and closing. Since we replaced a few of the hinges with new ones, our technicians are always on the watch to ensure the hinges are oiled regularly. Additionally, we have installed sliding doors in several greenhouses. Their rollers are always kept in good condition, and the doors can be closed and opened fully without catching the ground.

After the greenhouse renovation project, the second refurbishment was done in our offices. This is after we discovered that new assets including office chairs are required to offer a more comfortable working environment. Therefore, we purchased new ergonomic office chairs and computer desks. Working for more than four hours while sitting is one of the major causes of backaches and neck related pains. Since one of our goals is to ensure the members stay comfortable, healthy, and safe, we have achieved that objective through buying the new ergonomic office chairs.

In conclusion, we understand maintaining greenhouses is the best approach to get full benefits of them. That’s why we have several technicians to check and rectify any faulty parts of the structures. This will not only save our money in the long run but also ensure all activities are running smoothly as required.

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