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Among many household appliances, garbage disposal is one of the most useful domestic devices. As much as it simplifies household duties, there is need to operate and maintain it appropriately. If handled carelessly it can break down, thus blocking and clogging the drainage system.

It is very expensive to repair clogged drainage and the garbage disposal itself. However, some damages can be avoided by maintaining your appliance properly. If the machine is treated with care, definitely it will serve you well and for a longer time. Garbage disposal is likely to be damaged by the type food stuffs put into it.

Therefore, the following are some of the things that you should never put in your garbage disposal;

  1. Fibrous Veggies

Although you might have putting vegetable stuffs into your garbage disposal and nothing has happened yet, you might be preparing for a real nightmare. Fibrous vegetables such as celery, rhubarb, chard, lettuce, artichokes, and kale can cause a serious havoc on your device. Therefore, it is advisable to throw such stuffs instead of putting them in your garbage disposal.

  1. Potatoes and potato peels

As per Disposal Mag, unwanted potatoes and potato peels can be disposed by use of a garbage disposer. However, it many depend on the size of the stuffs. If they are too large, put a little at a time to avoid too much mashed stuff in the machine. If the potatoes are broken down into a thick starch paste, it can stick and create havoc in the system.garbage-disposals

  1. Corn Husks

Corn husks are just like fibrous vegetables, and can wrap around the machine’s system causing a major inconvenience. If you have some husks in the house, consider throwing them in the landfill or onto a dumping site.

  1. Cooking fat and oil

Cooking fat and oil may seem very safe when put in the garbage disposal, but they are as dangerous as potatoes. They can cause serious clogging, forcing you to call for plumbing services. The best way to dispose fat and oils is putting them into the trash bin, waiting for transportation to the dumping site.

  1. Bones

When bones are put into the garbage disposal, there is likelihood they will not be broken down. If they are chopped, however, they will not pass down the drain pipes. The end result is calling a plumber after a serious clogging and blocking has already occurred.Disposals

  1. Coffee grounds and beans

These will clog the trap, and also can pile up and form some kind of sediment in the drain pipes. Though they usually produce a good smell, they can lead to costly plumbing and repair services. It is better to put them into the trash bin, where they can even improve the smell of the trash can.

  1. Egg shells

Apart from egg shells, oyster, lobster, or crab shells can cause a disaster within the garbage disposal. They are just like bones, and the blades may fail to chop them appropriately. However, some people say egg shells are safe for garbage disposal. Others claim that shells have membrane lining that can stick to the sides and wrap around the shredder. So, just avoid putting egg shells into your garbage disposal.

  1. Pasta

The good example is spaghetti, which usually expands whenever dipped into water. Even when they are cooked, they will still expand when exposed to water. Therefore, it is not advisable to dump pasta stuffs into drain systems because they can clog and block the system. If you have a garbage disposal, ensure spaghetti remains are put into trashcans or bins.

There are many other things that can damage your garbage disposal, but the above eight are the common ones. Nevertheless, if you suspect something might clog your appliance, just put it into the trash bin or can.

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