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Only 1 percent of the world’s total water is potable so it is very important to conserve water as much as possible. One way of diminishing water usage is through the use of water-efficient products such as water-saving faucets and other accessories. Nowadays, more and more people are creating new products that not only conserve water but also promote the welfare of the environment.

Water Saving FaucetsWater-Saving-Faucets

The use of water-saving faucets in kitchens and bathrooms are becoming a trend nowadays and this is creating a positive impact on our environment. Did you know that we can save as much as 3,000 gallons of water per year if we turn our faucets off while brushing our teeth? Sounds quite a lot of water for such a short amount of time the faucet is turned off. Installing water-efficient faucets could help reduce water consumption in our homes ultimately reducing water bills. There are various fixtures that we can add to allow us to save even more water. To find the best kitchen faucets, you can check

Most water-efficient faucets and accessories that have been proven to conserve water significantly are branded with the WaterSense label. These products have all undergone a series of the independent certification process and have met the criteria given by the EPA and have been proven to provide ample flow of water resulting increased water efficiency. These faucets can save up to 30% of water usage without reducing the performance we need from it. Billions of gallons of water will be saved nationwide (United States) if WaterSense labeled bathroom and kitchen faucets are installed in every home.

We can also save water by replacing old faucets and aerators that are inefficient in conserving water. Just by doing this, the average family can save up to seven hundred gallons of water each year which is equivalent to the amount of needed water for forty showers. The will create a domino effect on other things as well. Everything will be much more efficient and will, therefore, result to a greener, cleaner environment. If you are looking for the best bathroom faucet with good water efficiency, check out the reviews of top products here.

Other Water Saving Products

Other than the obvious advantage of reducing our water bills, there are a lot of reasons why we should switch into water saving appliances. If we start being water efficient today, for sure there are lots of people who will gain access to cleaner and potable waters more than today.

Aside from water saving kitchen or sink faucets, there are actually other products that serve the same purpose. These are the following:

Water Saving ShowerheadsWater-Saving-Showerheads

Did you know that almost 30% of your monthly water usage comes from your morning shower ritual? Well, now you know. We don’t say that you should stop taking a shower every morning to save up this much water, but what we suggest is for you to switch into using low-flow showerheads when you shower.

If you do so, expect a huge difference in your water and electric bills. These products are very easy to install and are available for purchase in most hardware stores.

Although some people may refuse switch into low flow shower heads because some equate it to have low-pressure water when you shower, don’t worry. This problem has been addressed already and most makers of these products have improved the quality of their products so you can enjoy taking a refreshing shower without compromising water quality and pressure. You can check the top water saving shower heads on Finest Shower.

Water Efficient Appliances

Water saving appliances may cost extra cash compared to other less water efficient products, but you can actually save from them in the long run when you check your water bills. Aside from water, they are also efficient in power consumption, plus they take up lesser space inside your home.

Water-Efficient-AppliancesAn efficient washing machine saves a family of up to eleven thousand gallons of water yearly. Most of these efficient washing machines are front loaders that rely on the tumbling feature in getting the clothes clean and dry.

A water efficient dishwasher also saves hundreds of water because most of them use sensors which adjust water consumption depending on how dirty the dishes are. So the next time you decide to replace home appliances and utilities at home, opt for the energy and water-efficient one. It may appear to be expensive upon purchase, but you will see the difference of choosing it in the long run.

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