The Renovation Started in Our Greenhouse

Over the years, our facility has been receiving more members and guests who come during various annual events. Several of the visitors are CEOs and managers running established businesses and organizations, and some use our offices to perform virtual official duties. Those that come to participate in agricultural research projects in our facility also use […]

How Can You Save Energy by Using New Technologies?

The type of boiler system, property insulation, and type of smart thermostat are the basic factors that determine if you will save some dollars on your heating bills. These factors are accompanied by other essentials, which also reflect the chances of any individual to save money by using new heating controls. Those who can comfortably […]

Let’s Keep Our Environment Clean with Disposals

Among many household appliances, garbage disposal is one of the most useful domestic devices. As much as it simplifies household duties, there is need to operate and maintain it appropriately. If handled carelessly it can break down, thus blocking and clogging the drainage system. It is very expensive to repair clogged drainage and the garbage […]

Watering Your Grape Fields

Nowadays, environmentalists in Ontario have been encouraging urban agriculture as a source of food production. This practice can reduce food scarcity, as well as improved utilization of undeveloped lands within the outskirts of towns and cities. Irrigation is the better option for urban agriculture, and mostly relying on rivers and wastewater released from commercial and […]

Types of Grapes in Ontario

With various types of grapes to make some batch of wine, Ontario has several choices of flavours with a variety of character and historic validity. The quality of wine grapes depends on soil, geography, and microclimate. In addition to the said factors, the wine making process also contribute to the quality and taste. The grape […]

Sealing & Dehydrating and Beyond

Vacuum sealers are also known as dry canning and a very great help in keeping your shelf life of bulk dry goods like your dried fruits, spices and herbs or even your flour and sugar.  For your non-powdery dry foods like rice, fruits and peppercorn you can place them in a mason jar and just […]

Commercial Usage Of Wine Coolers

For a restaurateur, buying a wine cooler for their establishment requires serious number crunching. It can be a serious investment that has to have compelling reasons to get decent return of investment. After all, restaurants have refrigerators and will have plenty of shelf space for a couple of bottles, right? Wrong. What is a wine […]

Green Products – Water Saving Faucets

Only 1 percent of the world’s total water is potable so it is very important to conserve water as much as possible. One way of diminishing water usage is through the use of water-efficient products such as water-saving faucets and other accessories. Nowadays, more and more people are creating new products that not only conserve […]